Friday, October 28, 2011

Purple Drank Basement Haunting Again

Last week I had a scare against the last-place Multiple Scoregasms.

No, not the wake up, roll over, and think holy shit how much did I have to drink last night kind of scare.

My Purple Drank only scored 68 points!

That's worse than waking up next to Amy Winehouse, especially since she is dead. It might be even more frightening than waking up next to Sarah Jessica Parker.

Every day is Halloween for Matthew Broderick, by the way.

Multiple Scoregasms' 44-point performance, on the other hand was less scary and more like the ghost in this cartoon:

So, after my harrowing win last week I continue the basement haunting, this time against the 2-5 Future Ex-Cons. And I'm bringing along a...errr...ummm...."huge" secret weapon this time, something Halloween-themed.

Sure, she seems all hot and stuff until she eats your face, and your lineup! Omm nom nom.

That can mean only one thing for the Future-Ex Cons...
Bad news!

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nonamedufus said...

Cheer up, things could be worse. And I can only hope they soon will be.