Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 NFL Super Bowl Projections

The Colts and the Saints face off this weekend in the 2010 Super Bowl.

The final round of the HBFFL playoff projections arrives along with the Super Bowl this weekend between the Colts and the Saints. With one game remaining it is very close:

Chris: 6-4
Ramblers: 6-4
Renal Failure: 5-5

Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints

Ramblers: So here we are with the two best teams in the NFL all season facing off against each other, and while all season here, I've hated the Saints (with good reason because almost all of my opponents had at least one if not sometimes two Saints on their squads), I'm picking them to win for two equally good reasons.

1. The Saints have been a scoring machine all season and I see no reason for them to stop now.

2. The Saintsations, i.e. the Saints cheerleaders. As a Steelers fan, I like black and gold, so why not?

I searched high and low for a Saintsational video to go with my portion of the post, and this was all I could find from this year's Saintsations:

I mean, hey, this must be pretty hot. The poor guy couldn't even hold the camera steady. Of course, maybe he already had had one too many Hurricanes.

Anyway, my prediction for the score (something I forgot last time): Saints 34, Colts 31.

Renal Failure: Based on our 2009 Fantasy Football season, you might expect The People's Champion Renal Failure to pick the Indianapolis Colts to win because Dallas Clark is backed by the Treasury Department, that's how money he is.

However, the Wild Card of the humor blogging fantasy football world finds themselves a game behind The King of Fantasy Football Chris Cameron and Unfinished Rambler (who doesn't have a catchy nickname) in our playoff picks and we believe they are going to pick the Colts to win so we're going with the Saints to force a tie.

Besides, the Saints are the People's Champion of Super Bowl XLIV. Do we want another championship going to the royal Manning family? Do we want to see the Colts rewarded for taking off the last two weeks of the regular season instead of going for a perfect season? Or do we want to see the city of New Orleans have something to celebrate about other than not drowning in brackish water? And the People are indebted to the Saints for not only keeping Brett Favre out of the Super Bowl but also making his last pass an interception.

Saints 31, Colts 28 with Drew Brees as MVP

Chris: So, both my opponents in this contest picked the Saints. Do I punt and also pick New Orleans so no matter what I stay tied for first? Or go for it on forth-and-one at the goal line, take the Colts and possibly win outright?

The Saints have an awesome offense and Reggie Bush has transformed into Marshall Faulk in the playoffs. Brees and Co. will need to be awesome one more time, and perhaps without having to deal with Freeney.

The Colts also have an awesome offense but a better quarterback in Manning. They also might try to establish the run with Donald Brown. If they get that going, Peyton will have play-action to use against New Orleans' defense.

It will come down to who has the ball last.

Colts 42 Saints 38.
The 2010 Playoff Projections are written by blog contributors Rambler, Renal Failure, and myself, Chris Cameron.