Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 HBFFL Week Eight Fantasy MVPs

You can't stop Shady McCoy you can only hope to contain him. In Week Eight those hopes were dashed as the elusive running back grabbed top HBFFL MVP honors.

We also have a tie in the tight end MVP award this week in both points and yards.

QB: E. Manning 30 points (349 yds, 2 pass TD's, +5 300+ yds)
What The Canuck?

RB: L. McCoy 36 points (185 yds, 2 rush TD's, +5 100+ yds, 15 rec yds)
Renal Failure

WR: C. Johnson 25 points (125 yds, 1 rec TD's, +5 100+ yds, 1 40+ yd TD)
Renal Failure

TE 1: F. Davis 9 points (94 yds)
What The Canuck?

TE 2: R. Gronkowski 9 points (94 yds)
Purple Drank


LOBO said...

Chris Johnson got 25 points? And is now a wide receiver?

Well that explains a lot.

nonamedufus said...

You had to remind me about Johnson and McCoy.