Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Countin' when the dealin's done

With Michael Vick on his bye week and Maurice Jones-Drew playing the highly-touted Ravens D, that's who I was this week: The Gambler.

I swallowed the fantasy football hype on Tim Tebow and DeMarco Murray hook, line and sinker, and I'm glad I did. I counted 125 points to Bourbon Blaster's 106 points, with a large portion of his points coming from  Drew "The No-Gamble" Brees.

My only error: I jumped on the Torain Train (perhaps a little too early, now with Tim Hightower out), who scored a whopping 0 points. MJD actually had 14 fantasy points and would have been the better play in the flex position.

So what's funny about this post? So far, nothing...

...except maybe for the name DeMarco.

Or how about Tebow?

Tea Bow? Tea Bough? Tee Bo, like Tae Bo? Which brings me in a roundabout way (thanks to a Google image search for Tae Bo) to something Mr. Tebow, being the ├╝ber-Christian he is, probably has used in his workout routines since his homeschooling days:

Praise Moves
photo courtesy of Frauenfelder via Flickr

Evidently Willis believes that yoga needs a Christian alternative and I'm thinking who better to promote her product than Tebow.

original photo courtesy of Open Sports via Flickr, with a little adaptation by me

I know. I know. The NFL bans such promotion underneath the eyes, but I'm imagining what this would be like in a perfect world where there didn't need to be a Christian alternative to yoga, because there would be no yoga.

Personally (at least for this week), I'm just glad there's a Tim Tebow.


LOBO said...

"Christian Alternative to Yoga?"

Well it better be superior to the Christian alternative to sex, drugs, pornography, gambling, larceny, violence, profanity and murder, or we're going to have some fat, stiff football players this year.

But is there a Christian alternative to HGH yet?
Or has Michael Fabiano been cast out of the NFL down numerous flights of stairs and into the Pit of Eternal Suffering?

While not wanting to blaspheme, I'm starting to suspect God is a soccer fan ...

nonamedufus said...

So this week you knew how to hold 'em. Doers that mean next week you fold 'em?

Anonymous said...

Lobo: God might like rugby.

Noname: Knowing my luck, probably.

Chris C said...

God thinks yoga is pretty ghey.

Anonymous said...

Does he now?