Sunday, October 16, 2011

Purple Drank Will Blast the Blasters

Every week it seems like any player that joins the Bourbon Blaster squad either goes down with an injury, an undisclosed illness, or has a pre-existing injury that gets worse. And he isn't even Canadian.


And yet, Joe's team keeps racking up the points and the wins. When a cross-dressing fantasy football owner is involved prepare to expect the unexpected.

But something has to give. That something is Week Six. Bourbon Blasters vs Purple Drank. 4-1 vs 4-1. Bye week/injury hell vs a full strength roster.

Facing me this week is like facing the honey badger...

It is relentless. It does what it wants. Of course we know what this means for Bourbon Blasters...

Bad news!

(I thought I had hit publish when I scheduled this for 10:30am this morning. So if you came here and wondered why the hell it showed up at 11:30 pm that's why.)

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