Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 HBFFL Week Five Fantasy MVPs

Like Superman showing Batman who the bitch is, Aaron Rodgers continues to seemingly show up on the MVP list every week.

QB: A. Rodgers 34 points (396 yds, 2 pass TD's, +5 300+ yds, 1 40+ yd pass TD)

RB: A. Peterson 35 points (122 yds, 3 rush TD's, +5 100+ yds)
Future Ex-Cons

WR: D. Bowe 31 points (128 yds, 2 rec TD's, +5 100+ yds, 1 40+ yd TD)
Bourbon Blasters

TE: J. Graham 17 points (129 yds, +5 100+ yds)


nonamedufus said...

Shucks I can't seem to reign in Mr. Rodgers. I'm really sorry guys. (heh heh heh heh)

LOBO said...

Haha ... and kudos to Chris for that Batman pic.

-best laugh I've had in a while!

Chris C said...

thx. Trying to make the MVP posts be more than just a banal list of top starters. :)