Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 HBFFL Week Seven Fantasy MVPs

It's not unusual for the Carlton Banks look-alike Arian Foster to have a big fantasy football day. He ran, he caught, he even danced to Tom Jones in the end zone a couple of times on the way to winning this week's top MVP.

QB: D. Brees 41 points (325 yds, 5 pass TD's, +5 300+ yds)
Bpurbon Blasters

RB: A. Foster 52 points (115 yds, 2 rush TD's, +5 100+ yds, 119 rec yds, 1 rec TD, +5 100+ yds, 1 40+ yd TD)
Predator Press

WR: G. Jennings 27 points (147 yds, 1 rec TD's, +5 100+ yds, 1 40+ yd TD)
Unfinished Person

TE: J. Graham 17 points (54 yds, 2 rec TD's)


nonamedufus said...

Made it to the MVPs yet again! What's up with Brees?

LOBO said...

What? No Aaron Rodgers?

Ah well. I guess he'll be on waivers tomorrow ...

LOBO said...

No Billy Cundiff either??

I'm starting to doubt the accuracy of these MVP updates.

Chris C said...

If there was a "hey he finally got a point" category Cundiff would have won it this week hands...err feet down.

And laces out. Dan.