Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Woe To Thee

LOBO -Predator Press

With all my job travel, it was a friggin' miracle I could make the live draft this year. And I don't take friggin' miracles lightly.

Read the Bible! Jesus Christ [*SPOILER ALERT*] died for all your sins, and cleared the way so I could punish this sinful league with ruthless and relentless smiting. Prepare to be ruthlessly and relentlessly smoten!  In the name of Christian Peace and Love, Jesus and I shall crush thy bones into a proper thick paste that I can spackle the holes Comcast left in the wall of my rental apartment -all so we can Forgive you at some point in Eternity (probably).

Thy comeuppance shall be tenfold in 2015! Barring The Rapture, J.C. and I will gleefully be dancing, squishing our toes in the entrails of all who oppose us in Week 16.

Gangnam Style.