Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wk 15 Playoffs: La Machine vs Predator Press

La Machine vs Predator Press in the semifinals.

McNabb vs Brees...Sidney Rice and Brandon "Don't give anyone else the ball" Marshall vs Welker and the Johnson known as Andre...the two-headed RB snake of Ray Rice and Ryan Grant.

The winner moves on to the championship round. The loser plays for third place.

LOBO has decided to throw down the gauntlet with some bulletin board fodder:
"In anticipation of the rest of the season, I'm already wearing my t-shirt."
By t-shirt he means this one:

He hasn't beaten Renal Failure yet this season. By wearing the shirt it implies he will beat me this week and RF in the HBFFL Super Bowl.

LOBO, however has failed to take into account that La Machine has secret weapons. My team has already used Ivan Drago, Stephen Segal, the Death Star and being a Sith Lord, the infamous Bearataur, the Daleks, and even the Fonz from Happy Days to ensure wins.

And while the rules state that a secret weapon can only be used once, I've still got two more left in the bank.

This week I unleash one of my creepiest secret weapons yet: La Machine the Huge Mechanical Spider...

In development for two years overseas, my latest secret weapon instills a fear of the most basic level. Everyone hates bugs, especially creepy spiders. Fantasy football teams are not immune.

And if you are wondering why the crowd is not running away in panic it is because they are rooting for my team. If they were pro-Predator Press all hell would be breaking loose.

There would be mayhem, chaos, and of course a man on fire which also happens to be a good metaphor for LOBO's team this week.

Running scared.


Chris Cameron is a co-writer and the editor of the HBFFL humor blog. He also writes his own brand of odd humor at Angry Seafood.

1 comment:

LOBO said...

Haha! Now StL has a Swine Flu outbreak.

-Sure I've spoofed Swine Flu before. Maybe I deserved a little Karmic payback too. But God, this is just plain mean.

Let us Pray: "God, if you're smoting the Rams to teach me a lesson, please kill them all by Sunday morning so's they forfeit. But if you don’t mind me saying so, maybe Swine Flu wasn't the best way to go here: now you'll never get all the Rams on the same airplane to crash ... you’ll have to crash the plane -full of the healthy ones- directly into the hospital. Can't you just smote my friend Chris instead? Now that would really teach me a lesson. Unlike the Rams, I like Chris, and in addition to being an infinitely more cruel punishment for me, it also spares my fantasy football team needless collateral damage. Amen."