Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Canada vs. the People

We blame Anne Murray for our loss too...

Renal Failure had the rare misfortune of losing in Week 14, this time at the hands of our neighbor to the north What the Canuck? 111-102. The Ducky of the HBFFL got big days from Peyton Manning and Ricky Williams while Renal Failure didn't get the big days we were hoping for from Stephen Jackson and Philip Rivers. (who would have thought the Eagles/Giants game would be the shootout instead of the Chargers/Cowboys game? Eli Manning with 43 points? Inconceivable!). But the People were heartened by the orbital bear games of Dallas Clark (22pts) and the Philly Defense (23pts) to keep the score respectable.

Strange fact: Renal Failure only other loss this season was a 111-96 affair to La Machine. Apparently the People's Champion can only be defeated by teams scoring exactly this amount of points.

And with that victory, the Ducky Canuck has earned himself a playoff spot. Unfortunately for Canucklehead, with how the Ramblers/Predator Press and La Machine/Defending Champions games went (Ramblers and DefChamps lost, eliminating them from playoff contention), What the Canuck? has to face Renal Failure again in the first round of the playoffs. A very unhappy Renal Failure.

"Oh good for you!"

Yes, the Wild Card (bitches!) of the HBFFL had the number one playoff seed wrapped up weeks ago. Yes, Renal Failure holds the record for most regular season wins in a season in the HBFFL. Yes, Renal Failure just set the record for points scored in a season with 1481 (that's 105.7 points a game). But Renal Failure was denied a 13th win and a winning percentage over .900, as well as the evil joy of crushing yet another team's playoff hopes. And it gives Canuck the right to buy this t-shirt from LOBO...

Only two people in the world can wear this shirt... and they both made the playoffs.

So the playoffs are set. Renal Failure(1) vs What the Canuck?(4) and Predator Press(2) vs. La Machine(3). We'll have our People's Playoff preview on Friday. It's different than the playoff review you might get from Chris C. or LOBO or UnfinishedPerson or Joe because they don't employ any ninjas or Tag Larkin on their research staffs.

---Renal Failure wants to know if you like Huey Lewis and the News...


Canucklehead said...

wow - so I did win?!
that's awesome.
I'll take one of those shirts ... just let me find my wallet.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't like Huey Lewis and the News. I'm a Kenny Loggins fan. Sad but true.

Just as sad as I don't employ ninjas or Tag Larkin on my staff. In fact, what's sad is I don't even have a staff. I'm an army of one, and therein lies the problem when facing you and your large cast of characters when I play you in fantasy football.

LOBO said...

In anticipation of the rest of the season, I'm already wearing my t-shirt.

-And chicks dig it!