Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Down Goes Renal Failure! Down Goes Renal Failure

The once undefeated Renal Failure is now 9-1 thanks to an epic win by La Machine. How epic?

Donovan McNabb threw for 450 yards. Bears are now an endangered species thanks to McNabb tossing so many of them into space.

Turner the Burner was lost to a high ankle sprain after kicking in 16 fantasy points. He was the sacrifice the island demanded.

La Machine was only the third team to score 100+ points against the Wild Card (Bitches!) and the only one to win at the same time.

My team even won the cardboard tube fight at halftime.

So after getting my revenge against the Defending Champions I now have the win against undefeated Renal Failure under my belt.

Yes, it's a happy moment.

But there's still four weeks left, an injury to Turner to deal with, and a Bald Spots team with his precious...Tom Brady.

Not to worry because I've got some help again this week...



Defending Champion said...

Were you born before Happy Days?

renalfailure said...

Sit on it, Potsy!

Chris C said...

@DC: You mean the show or the era it portrayed? Yes and no.

@RF: The best one was when Ritchie told Fonzie to sit on it.

LOBO said...


I haven't seen the video where they superimposed George Foreman over me beating up Joe Fraizer in years ...