Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 HBFFL Semifinals Schedule

HBFFL Week Fifteen-Semifinals Schedule

#1 Renal Failure 12-2
Points for: 1481
Points against: 1146


#4 What The Canuck? 8-6
Points for: 1281
Points against: 1192

#2 Predator Press 9-5
Points for: 1353
Points against: 1167


#3 LaMachine 8-6
Points for: 1393
Points against: 1161


Defending Champion said...

Points against is just a product of lucky or unlucky matchups.

Chris C said...

True but when paired with the PF, especially after a regular season's worth of data, it does shed light on how beatable a team is in the post season.