Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tonight I'm gonna party like it's around 1780?

If only my opponent Joe, coach of the Defending Champion team, had played Falco (at least, that's what he said in a Yahoo chat on Sunday)...

oops, I think he meant Flacco, he might have had, at least, a fighting chance against me in our fifth-place consolation game.

Alas, he didn't.

Even if he had, he only would have tied me at 108-108 instead of the 108-106 score by which I did win, and I would have won on tiebreakers by having more touchdowns than he did: 7 to 4 per the rules in our league for tiebreakers.

But at least, he would have had a fighting chance...

...as it was, going into last night's Vikings-Bears game, my team was behind Joe's team 104-106.

All I needed was the Vikings to get an interception at least to tie the game. How hard could that be, especially against Jay Cutler, who had 25 entering last night's game? Or even a couple of sacks, with sacks being worth 1 point, one would think that wouldn't be hard.

Well, one would be...like this urinal...

See video at Gizmodo to see how wrong.

First quarter, Vikings D, 0. Second quarter, Vikings D, 0. Most of third quarter, Vikings D, 0 until...

with 1:12 left in the third quarter, Cutler was sacked, and I was within one, 105-106...then two plays later, finally the interception came, and I was ahead 107-106.


Finally finishing at 8-8, .500 and in fifth out of 10 places, I could dance like it was around 1780 and in Vienna.

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