Tuesday, December 29, 2009

La Machine Wins 2009 HFBBL Super Bowl

After a one-point loss to Fantasy Virgin in 2008’s final, La Machine crushed Renal Failure to win the 2009 HBFFL Championship, 127-62.

Talk about throwing bears into outer space. Or beating a fantasy team like a rented mule.

I waited all day Sunday, and even Monday hoping Renal Failure's team would actually show up. I'm sure he was much more anxious then I was of course, hoping for a championship as well as redemption for one of his only two regular season losses.

And I know about redemption. I got mine against Defending Champion in both weeks five and fourteen.

I know about struggling. After four weeks, La Machine was 1-3 and in ninth place. But they do not call me the King of Fantasy Football for nothing.

It took some good pickups (Ray Rice, NE defense), one of the gutsiest trades in fantasy football history (Chris Johnson in exchange for Andre Johnson), and some luck (the lowest PA in HBFFL) but here I stand, the Champs.

And of course, I am the King of Fantasy Football because I took all three of my fantasy teams to the finals, winning two of them. It was one hell of a season.

On that note it is time to celebrate. Take us out King Africa...

Chris Cameron is a co-writer and the editor of the HBFFL humor blog. He also writes his own brand of odd humor at Angry Seafood.


Unfinished Rambler said...

Like I said already on Facebook, I bow...

...you are the king.

For the record, and I've probably said this before but anyway, thanks for starting this league. In the two years I've done it, it's been a blast, and helps keep spirits up during these cold (especially today here in Pa.) winters.

renalfailure said...

The one championship you lost... it was your frat league, right? The team with half my lineup on it that didn't show up.

Chris C said...

Yes, it was the frat league, with S Jax, Phillips, Ward, and MJD in my lineup.

One of my frat brothers ripped me for not subbing in Jackson despite the fact I would still have lost with any other backup on my roster.

Talk about a non-argument.

The debate is on my Facebook profile. Scroll down to the congrats status message and you can read the fun and merriment.