Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning QB: No Love For RMoss, But Mad Love For DJax and QGanth

I've had a love/hate relationship with Randy Moss this year.

In September, I hated him when he gave me this many points:


Then in November, I loved him when he gave me 34 points, and said he could be the one to give out the fingers.

After Sunday's performance, in which he gave me 1 point, on 1 reception for 16 yards, and I lost 83-102 to Lobo's Predator Press squad, I've changed my mind yet again on Mr. Moss.

I hate him.


From now on, Mr. Moss, I'm going to be the one giving out the finger or fingers because thanks in part to you, I didn't make it into the top 4 and have a shot at taking on Renal Failure.


However, to be fair, it wasn't all Randy.

When your kicker outscores your quarterback, in this case, Billy Cundiff outscored Aaron Rodgers 12-11, you know you're in trouble.

I'm just glad Cundiff didn't outscore everybody else on my team, especially DJax who had 28 points, on 6 catches for 178 yards, and...

...my pickup of the week, Quinton Ganther, who tallied 21 points with two rushing touchdowns, or as I'm calling him QGanth. No fingers for either of them...

...or for my opponent either. He had Drew Brees and Brandon Marshall. What can I say?

courtesy of Abstruse Goose (click photo for original)

At least, you three played a good game. Thanks, gentlemen.

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LOBO said...

Thou hast been "bumped."

I had a weird moment last night. I checked at midnight (looking for my coveted asterisk), and Yahoo listed you in fourth -against RF in wk 15.

I was jazzed for ya!!! Sorry it appears to have been a glitch ... I figured you could have dispatched with RF and got a rematch with the Preds in wk 16 ... :)