Thursday, October 22, 2009

La Machine Not Dead Yet

It seemed like just yesterday that La Machine was 1-3 and left for dead like Steven Seagal in "Hard to Kill".

But then I faced the cross-dressing team formally known at Fantasy Virgin in week five and I remembered phrases that repeat…”I’m the defending champion”…”I’m the defending champion”.

So I took Defending Champion to the blood bank and avenged my loss in last year’s championship.

Then it was time for a matchup with What The Canuck? who was sporting a 4-1 record. Oh four-on-one you say?

Like in that scene the game was a beatdown of epic proportions.

Suddenly here is La Machine, 3-3 after throwing like six bears into outer space.

No, I am not dead yet.

Next up is Lobo’s team Predator Press and you know what that means…



renalfailure said...

The preseason Dolph Lundgren/Ivan Drago of the HBFFL has now evolved into the Steven Segall of the HBFFL. What's your record have to be to morph into Jean Claude Van Damme?

If I go 7-0, does that make me Charles Bronson?

Canucklehead said...

Ummm yeah - we had some problems.
Please check back once we have offloaded all of our Bills. Thank you for your patience in this matter.