Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week 10 Preview: Rebuttal

Just In Case the Bearataur Doesn’t Work…Exterminate!

Apparently, Renal Failure will be using a catapult to launch my Bearataur into space in hopes of beating me in week ten. After reading about it, I think his chances are looking even slimmer.

He has to use a catapult to launch bears into space? His team can’t do it themselves? I know it is a Bearataur but still. Weak.

Not to worry because I have another secret weapon in case Renal Failure pulls off his dastardly plan.

I’ve got a group on my side that strikes fear through not only fantasy football but the whole nation, the whole planet, the entire universe and space-time continuum….

Yes that’s right the Daleks.

And last time I checked, nobody on Renal Failure’s roster is a Time Lord.

And did I mention that I also have one of these…

And might I add it is not faulty like Doctor Who’s is. I can travel to any point in space and time. So if Renal Failure wins I will simply travel back in time and change the outcome.

Resistance is futile.

1 comment:

renalfailure said...

Bearataur weeps for your lack of faith in him. Bearataur deserves better!

"Resistance is futile" is the Borg.

If the Dalek gambit doesn't work out, you can still mine the Scarrans on Farscape, the Reavers on Firefly, or the Shadows on Babylon 5 as your next sci-fi franchise of Fantasy Football destruction.