Sunday, September 6, 2009

LaMachine Must Break the HBFFL

2008 left a bad taste in the figurative mouth of LaMachine. A One-point loss in the Championship game tends to do that to a team, especially when it comes at the hand of a cross-dresser.

Enjoy your defending umm ship umm ness umm whatever for the sixteen weeks you have it Defending Champion. I think this clip sums up the pain you and everyone else will feel in the 2009 season...

The only difference this time is that Ivan Drago will actually win the damned fight. There’s no script in this fantasy season analogy that leads to a championship loss like there was in Rocky IV.

Don’t sing it bring it you all say?

Consider it brought. And brought. And then brought some more.

We start with the only returning member from the 2008 squad, quarterback Donovan McNabb. His backup this year is Jake Delhomme.

How about this squad of running backs: Michael Turner, Ryan Grant, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, and Knowshon Moreno?

If the impressive list of backfield domination does not have Defending Champion trembling in his high heels, and the entire HBFFL for that matter there is more where that came from.

Calvin Johnson leads the wide receiver squad. This is a guy that amassed a staggering 1,331 yards and twelve touchdowns for Detroit, a team that lost every single game last season. Joining him on LaMachine’s roster is Wes Welker, Bernard Berrian, and Donald Driver.

Scared yet Mr. Thong-Beneath-His-Business-Suit man? Worried yet fellow league owners?

Finally, rounding out the machine-like scoring in 2009 are tight ends Chris Cooley, Kevin Boss; kicker John Kasey, and the mighty Tennessee defense/special teams.

LaMachine is serving notice to the entire league and not just Defending Champion. You have no chance to survive. Make your time.


joesez said...

A one point loss in the championship game only makes you the First Loser in the HBFFL league.
Defending Champion will ultimately prevail again this season despite losing Turner, Petereson, and Forte.
As for your fantasies regarding my hot wifes clothes and me wearing them, you should concentrate on trying to win. Because when it comes to game day, you talk and I walk.

renalfailure said...

What you say? We will set you up the bomb. For great justice.

Chris C said...

Joe will you be walking away with a loss in the HBFFL in high heels, flats, or stilettos?