Tuesday, November 3, 2009

La Machine Fully Operational

The Googlyeyed Goons were looking to take out the Death Star that is La Machine but unlike the movies fantasy football is real life. The battle was not without it's turning points however.

I had already made a classic meatball with McNabb but to make matters worse her WR, Roddy White caught a late touchdown in Monday night's game.

It was like the Rebel Alliance actually figured out what the hell this guy was saying...

Suddenly it's 65-61...

I'm only ahead by four? With Michael Turner being all runny and stuff? But alas, I had a trick up my sleeve...

Quite operational. The challenge flag was thrown contesting the play and it was ruled not a catch.

Never underestimate the power of the dark side. It will take away a Roddy White touchdown and seven fantasy points quicker then you can say spygate.

Final score: 72-58. 5-3 and #2 overall.

Now some of you will wonder how the hell am I in second place. Well besides the awesomeness of my roster coupled with some astute free agent pickups the reason is simple: I am secretly a Sith Lord.

Along with the usual things like having a Death Star, a never-ending supply of infantry and weapons, and a really cool choking move (which does come in handy at the DMV by the way), the dark side of the force allows me to influence the outcomes of fantasy football matchups.

Of course I don't do it all the time. That would be boring.


Unfinished Rambler said...

I was wondering how you were in second place. Makes sense that you're a Sith Lord. Should have seen that coming.

LOBO said...

Haha! Great post! Nice touch with the death Star!

LOBO said...

That's weird ... I just spotted the semifinal thing. If the semifinals were held today, I would go against RF. But I got RF in Week 11, so that's 3 times this season total -I only got DC and LM one time each.

And RF is a juggernaut.

Cripes. This will take all my skill. And probably a few hundred bears or so.

renalfailure said...

So Sith Lord, are you going to ask where's Padme? 'Cause it seems in your anger you killed her.


Chris C said...

@Rambler: You are not a Sith Lord so do not beat yourself up for that with you do not have the power to do.

@LOBO: I actually call it "Giant Hurt Ball".

Last year I had to play the Stripers three times including the playoffs. Lost the reg season games, won in the post.

@Renal: That was decades ago. I'm soo over it and now I'm dating this new chick. She thinks I'm goth though so at some point I'll have to break it to her about the whole dark side/evil thingy.

Think she'll be pretty cool with it.