Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday Morning QB A Day Early No Thanks To The Canadian (And The Texan) In Our League

It's bad enough that I lost my fantasy football game this weekend, but to lose it to a Canadian, Canucklehead, adds insult to injury.

I mean, Canadians...the folks best known for hockey and curling:


Seriously, I get beaten by a Canadian not just once but twice this season? Yes, he also beat me in week 2 by a score of 124-79; this time, a little bit closer, 108-96.

As my wife pointed out to me last night, they don't even celebrate Thanksgiving in the right month. They celebrate it on the second Monday in October, when everyone knows that it's on the fourth Thursday in November.

Freaking Canadians.

Unfortunately, this game between us was pretty much over last Thursday night when Ricky Williams, who I learned from Canucklehead once played for the Canadian Football League (unbelievably, they have one), scored three touchdowns for the Miami Dolphins and racked up 35 fantasy points. Canucklehead told me late last night that Ricky was over at his place for "celebratory bong hits."

Speaking of being high, I wasn't last Thursday night, but I might as well have been since I played Jonathan Stewart for the opposing Carolina Panthers. He amassed an underwhelming 43 rushing yards and four fantasy points.

But to put the nail in the coffin, I also took a toke of bad advice by Defending Champion here yesterday. I asked him on Facebook, who he thought I should play: Ladell Betts, Beanie Wells or Steve Slaton? He said Betts. Literally at the last minute I could, I switched from playing Wells to go with Betts.

Betts, in for an injured Clinton Portis, went out with a knee injury in the first quarter without even scoring one fantasy point. He rushed for five yards on four carries.

Meanwhile, Wells went on to score 14 fantasy points, scoring one touchdown while rushing for 74 yards and catching an 11-yard reception.

If I had played Wells, I would have won by 112-108, because later in the night DeSean Jackson finally broke out of his slump with a touchdown, 107 receiving yards and 10 rushing yards, to give me 22 fantasy points.

Thanks a lot, DC.

Oh, yeah, he's from Texas. He's the one I called The Texan in the title:

Only he's not this cool and unlike the namesake of the short-lived series who went around giving help to people in need, he's the one who will be in need of help next week when he faces me for a second time.

I already beat him once in week 3: 115-48. I guess I'll have to do it again by a similar margin too.

Freaking Texans too.


Defending Champion said...

May your Steve Slaton suck on your Moats.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Ouch...I hope it doesn't come to that. But it might. :(

renalfailure said...

If you can win your remaining games you can make it into the playoffs, Rambler. Canuck has to play me in Week 14 and the People are in the mood for crushing some playoff dreams.