Monday, November 2, 2009

NH Fantasy Football Record Meatball

Here in New Hampshire the new world record for the biggest meatball was set Sunday at 222.5 pounds. Mama Mia that's a spicy meatball.

I also had my own fantasy football version of a meatball record this weekend. (Meatball as in the secondary meaning which is doing something stupid.)

And I live in New Hampshire as well. Small world.

So what stupid thing did I do? I sat Donovan McNabb in favor of Kyle Orton at the last minute.


McNabb had 240 yards and 3 TD's. Orton had 152 yards, 0 TD's.

Yes, it is that big a deal that I had to use three exclamation points.

So what the hell was I thinking? I have no idea. My alarm clock went off at noon Sunday and the inspiration to set my fantasy team up for failure against Paula's starting lineup, with her QB and one WR on byes played like a broken record in my head. "Start Orton" my mind said over and over, like the raven repeating "Nevermore".

What happened? Paula jinxed me.

Her only way to try and beat me was to call upon the dark arts and infest my mind with visions of Kyle Orton scoring three touchdowns and racking up 300 yards passing. And it worked but I will not be fooled again.

I'm up by nine going into the Atl/NO MNF game tonight. I have Turner she has Roddy White and you can be sure I'll be looking out for her black magic.

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Unfinished Rambler said...

Ha ha. :) Sorry, couldn't resist.