Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 HBFFL MVP Week Nine

I think we need to divide up the HBFFL MVP into positions. Quarterbacks easily dominate.

1. Kurt Warner 43
Prestige Worldwide

2. Jay Cutler 42
Predator Press

3. Michael Turner 34
La Machine

(Points are based on the following system: Passing-1 pt/20 yds, 6 pt TD, 5 point 300+ yds; Receiving/Rushing- 1pt/10 yds, 6pt TD, 5 point bonus 100+ yds; 2Pt Conversion 2 pts; Sacks 1pt, Int/Fumb 2 pts; Def/ST TD 6 pts; Safety 2 pts; Block Kick 2 pts; FG 3 pts, 1 point bonus 50+ yds; PAT 1 pt)


renalfailure said...

Should the MVP candidates also only be from winning teams too? Except for exceptional games that make the score close?

Chris C said...

Good question RF. I went back and looked at MVP's and their relationship to teams that won that week.

While the MVP might not be from a winning team as far as record overall, the MVP's are on teams that win their weekly matchup at a 24-6, or 80% clip.

Makes sense. Since ff is about points, having one of the top three MVP's means you had a player that scored more points than at least 77 other starters. That always helps get a win. Not always but most times.