Thursday, November 19, 2009

Taking Risks in Fantasy Football

Welcome to the first edition of my weekly fantasy advice column, yet to be named. If anyone has a good name for it let me know because I need one.

Today is about risk…

I read a great blog by Yahoo Sports writer Scott Pianowski the other day about taking chances after the Belichick 4th-and-2 call:
"The sports world is filled with managers and coaches who are conventional and conservative to a fault….

I see the same risk-averse concepts seeping into a lot of our fantasy sports, and while that might be the best way to play it in a non-competitive group, I know from experience that you need to be aggressive if you want to win a strong league. Some owners are afraid to trade. Some owners won't bench a slumping player because he was an early pick. Some owners would rather let 4-5 rules of thumb dictate their lineup decisions rather than get their hands dirty.

Fantasy glory does not come to the Dick Jaurons of the world, the guys who punt while a game is still winnable. Don't be afraid of how a loss is going to feel afterwards. Identify the most logical path to a victory and trust your instincts."
There is no try…

Like Bill and Yoda I also rolled the dice.

I had a great trifecta of RB’s in Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, and Michael Turner but I could only start two (RB and Flex spots).

Meanwhile my WR’s were Calvin Johnson, Welker, and Driver, two of which have to start.

So I was looking to add a top WR to compliment Welker having a top RB to give up. I accepted a trade offer of Chris Johnson for Andre Johnson.

Talk about risk.

There’s Turner’s injury which means my #1 back is now Rice followed by Grant for the next two weeks (at least).

The trade was also supposed to remove the issue of having to pick the “right” player at a key position. With Turner’s injury and no more Chris Johnson the Flex position is a choice between Calvin, Grant, and Driver for the next few weeks.

But at the same time, Chris Johnson has not impacted my fantasy standings. I’ve won without him and lost with him.

And the trade doesn’t hurt me if I win. That’s the most important thing.

So yes, there are problems when it comes to taking chances. You will take risks and lose and take them and win.

But nobody ever takes a risk in order to lose.


Defending Champion said...

At least you had the guts to make a trade. You cant count on injuries and cant score pts from the bench. Wimpy Lobo turned down this trade offer: Brees,Carlson, and Crabtree for Roth, V Davis, and R Wayne.

LOBO said...

I woulda pounced it if I had a decent alternative TE too.

-But in any case, I'm still listening.

Defending Champion said...

shockey instead of carlson?

renalfailure said...

If only Paula paid attention to the league... I have an awesome trade for her.

LOBO said...

DC: Deal. Check your email

RF: I just want you to know, I'm going through a lot of trouble to lose to you by only 10 points this week! :)

Defending Champion said...


Accepted trade. Take down RF!

renalfailure said...

Damn it, Lobo! Now I have to completely re-write my Friday post. Inconsiderate prick!