Sunday, November 15, 2009

The League

As Week 10 is underway and I find myself down 21 - 0 heading into Sunday, Defending Champion is perplexed at how FFL has taken over my life. Last year, everything was so easy. I guess having the automatic draft of Brees, Peterson, Turner, Forte,and S Smith may have had more to do with my record than my strategy. Plus everyone has been giving me shit about not posting any blogs.

The real problem is that last year, I picked my line up each week without the help of any fantasy site information or TV networks. This year, I have the Red Zone and at least five different sources for which players to start. I have finally found what I want to be when I grow up...a fantasy football expert! These guys get paid for making decisions on who to start and sit. They have no repercussions for effing my team up. Did I really bench Benson for Charles last week?
The experts promised me 25 touches.

Through all this seasons excitement, I have found my new favorite TV show...The League on FX.
Mrs. Defending Champion is enjoying it with me and I have found my new FFL Hubris. The HBFFL should be the leading sponsor of this show...combining Fantasy with comedy.

Although Chris is the league commissioner, I with Drew Brees as QB and a hot wife is the "Kevin". In a twist of fate, Kevins wife Jenny actually runs the team as I did for Leigh last year.

No one knows what Kevin's brother Taco does for a living. In fact, the reason that he is in the league is so that Kevin can make sure he is alive every week. This next clip is Taco laying down some smack about Kevin's wife's "p". I am not sure which of our blogging team is more like Taco.

Our next character is the goofy plastic surgeon from an ivy league college.

This next guy goes to any extreme to get the information needed to field a team.

Pete seems to be the most level headed of the group. He has won the league 3 out of 4 years.

I never could see how Renal Failure ripped off Rambler on the big trade this year. This next video explains it all. I am just curious what dirt do you have on Rambler?

I guess y'all will have to fill in what character each of you wants to be..or not.
In the mean time, I relize I only have 35 minutes to alter my lineup. Need to check ESPN, NFL network, etc.


renalfailure said...

Obviously Taco is the Wild Card. And I'm stealing Vaginal Hubris as a team name for something. Fantasy football, pub quiz, beer league softball... whatever.

Unfinished Rambler said...

For the record, RF has no dirt on me. I just bailed too early on Stephen Jackson and gave up too much with Ocho. That's what I get for being last in the auto draft...but still needed to do something...even if that wasn't the right choice. Maybe I should have taken RF's earlier bid for DJax. My bad.

For the rest of you in our league who haven't seen The League yet, go watch it. It's a hoot from the episodes I've seen so far.

renalfailure said...

Rambler came to me with the original trade idea. I just tweaked a few things to put it in my favor.

Chris C said...

I've seen the first two episodes and I liked it. It wasn't awesome but definitely not a waste of a half an hour.

It's good to see Jon Lajoie finally get some mainstream exposure.

I'm Pete.