Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Play the gimp

Welcome to Tuesday Morning Quarterback, where I take a look back at what I (and sometimes others) would have (could have/should have) done differently with my (their) fantasy football teams for that previous week's games.

Last week, my advice was to play a defense that has no chance in hell of scoring any points to get yourself to a win. This week, my advice is just as trenchant: play the gimp.

Example No. 1: Julio Jones. His legal name is Quintorris Lopez Jones, with Quintorris meaning "gladiator," and that he was on Sunday as he went off on three passes for 131 yards and two touchdowns, the first two in his career, and a total of 37 fantasy points. Dude, better known as JLo to his close friends, was coming off a hamstring injury and if you had him on your bench this past weekend, you didn't have a fighting chance.

Example No. 2, and more importantly (well, to me anyway as he was sitting on my bench as I lost 83-69 to Future Ex-Cons), Willis McGahee or Willis Andrew McGahee III, if you're nasty. Like Jones, McGahee also tallied a pair of touchdowns but on 20 carries for 163 yards. He had 35 fantasy points. His injury? A broken right hand or what doctors call "a boxer's fracture."

So based on my own advice, in week 10, I will be playing both Felix Jones (high ankle sprain) and Jahvid Best (concussion) off of my bench and I will crush Purple Drank like a pop can.

You can go for my underarm, Purple Drank. I will go for the jaw.


nonamedufus said...

I'm happy to say I seriously roughed up Purple Drank, handing him his head on a platter, in preparation to his loss to you. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Felix, Jahvid and I thank you. It will make our work that much easier for us. :)

Chris C said...

A 12-point win is not even close to "seriously roughed up". It's your smallest margin of victory so far this season. Ha!

nonamedufus said...

And yet it still is a victory. I was being nice, I didn't want to trounce you, after all. That'd be unsportsman-like.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me you two...this is MY blog post. Go, get your own. ;)