Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unconfirmed Report: Chicago Bears Decide Against LOBO as Replacement Quarterback

Predator Press


Millions and millions of people are always asking me every day, "LOBO, why didn’t you –the chiseled physical phenomenon- step in for the injured Jay Cutler and quarterback for the Chicago Bears?"

Predator Press prepares for the Finnish Inquisition

Well I’m glad you asked me that.

Happy Thanksgiving!
You see the truth is that I did go and try out.  But Lovie Smith decided I was too good, and that it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the NFL.

Well that’s what I think he said -it was really hard to hear with Matt Forte bitching that I was hoggin all the touchdowns, and Johnny Knox's incessant complaining that I was passing only to myself.

-And don’t get me started on that pansy Urlacher: "Ouch! You’re hitting me too hard! Wah!"


Chris C said...

I almost put in a waiver claim for you, but I opted for Kyle Orton instead.

Sorry man.

nonamedufus said...

Are you saying Unfinished Person's a turkey?

LOBO said...

Chris: I have to admit I find that decision puzzling.

Was it a salary cap thing? Orton is a lot cheaper.

NN: Shhh! He'll never see it on the radio ...

nonamedufus said...

@LOBO: Oh, right. Oh, that was sly, wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

I almost didn't see it...except for Noname. :)

Actually I was offline for a few days.

So is this pick on Unfinished Person week or what? I see you have another post planned about me too.

nonamedufus said...

Pick on UP week? Hell, no. Some of us engage in this all year long.

LOBO said...

I only observe "Pick on Rambler Month."

-Unfortunately that month is December.