Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shuffling Off To Buffalo A Bad Idea

by nonamedufus

Gratuitous chick pic to help illustrate this post.

Week 10 is over...and we move on. Our intrepid nonames actually had a name this week and it was LOSER. Paired with Predator Press we were favoured to win the week. But our slide into defeat began early with the Thursday night game. PP emerged with 34 points thanks to Oakland's Michael Bush versus NN's 6 from the Chargers' Mike Tolbert.

Sunday's games didn't go much better for the NNs with Arian Foster responsible for a whopping 37 points for PP.

Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald was the highest nonames point picker, plucking 31 pigskin points. However heading into Monday night Predator Press had a lead of over 30 points.

Could my main man, Mr Rodgers, rise to the occasion? Are you kidding, he's Aaron fuckin' Rodgers. But I couldn't watch and when I woke up Tuesday morning I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Funnily enough it was gone after I went to the bathroom.

I checked the scores and learned that it wasn't a beautiful day in the neighbourhood as Mr. Rodgers had under-performed racking up only 30 of a projected 35 fantasy points.

The worst of it all was my decision to play Buffalo at Defense. Points? 0 And I left Chicago's Defence on my bench. Points? 32.

To add insult to injury PP manager LOBO won the biggest blowout of the week award with his 123-105 victory.

But I'll have my revenge. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has given Chad Kroeger his set list for Nickelback's Turkey Day in Detroit half-time hootenanny. Yeah, take that Americans.

"Why don't you guys start with 'Burn It To The Ground'.
It'll remind them how we burned the White House in the War of 1812."

So entering Week 11 Predator Press's win keeps him in 1st place. Purple Drank who I beat last week slips into 2nd place and my nonames share a three-way tie for third (technically 4th place) with the Bourbon Blasters and Renal Failure.

And this week I play Unfinished Person. But after last week's loss in what I thought would be an easy win I've decided to change my ways and not engage in cheap, boast-filled, spiteful and hurtful trash talk. Nope. I'm gonna let my man Mr. Rodgers do the talking.

Hey UP!


LOBO said...

lol!! Yeah, I was sweating aaaalll Monday ... it was pretty intense. But since when is 18 points a blowout anyway? Everyone had great matchups this week if 18 points was the biggest spread.

I don't mean to add insult to injury, but you were on the wrong end of "Biggest Blowout" the week previous to our showdown too.

-And it was to last place "Multiple Scorgasms."


nonamedufus said...


LOBO said...

You know what? I'm technically wrong on this. The MS blowout was in the "other" league.

Never mind. Carry on! :)

Chris C said...

I didn't slip I earned that #2 spot :)

nonamedufus said...

@Chris C: I meant quietly slipped "into" not "fell" to. But there's still time for that.

nonamedufus said...

@LOBO: Oh sure, you have to drag my performance in the FTWL into this. Thanks, guy.