Saturday, November 12, 2011

Detroit Rock City? Not anymore...

On Thanksgiving, at half-time of the Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers game, this abomination of a group (and to boot, they're Canadian! get the fuck out of here, eh?) will perform:

Nickelback 6
photo courtesy of Daniel F. Pigatto on Flickr

At least, one Michigan resident said, "Hell to the NO!" (rumored to be the name of Nickelback's next big album because if anything, they're known for their ways of picking up on cliches and turning them into shit that sells) and put up an online petition that garnered more than 50,000 votes. However, the Lions still are allowing these Canadian posers to play.

And it's not as if Detroit doesn't have some of its own musicians that kick ass (actual ass and not lame ass as with Chad and the crew): Ted "The Motor City Madman" Nugent , Alice Cooper, The White Stripes, Kid Rock -- even Eminem, who at least grew up there, for Dr. Dre's sake.

My vote is for Alice Cooper because even when he's visiting another city, he knows its history:

Can you imagine Chad lecturing anyone on...I don't know...anything?

Plus the Detroit dude could write some trenchant lyrics like this:

Enough said.


nonamedufus said...

My vote's for MC5, 'cause it's "time to kick out the jams".

Anonymous said...

Nice obscure choice. I don't think people would know them, though.e

nonamedufus said...

It's an age thing.

Chris C said...

They actually scheduled Daughtry to play the halftime show but cancelled it when officials realized it wasn't Nickelback.