Saturday, November 5, 2011

Purple Drank Says Hell No

Being a trash talker myself I enjoy taking on someone who does a lot of it. But more on that in a moment...time for a quick recap of Week Eight...

If it were not for the fact I got beat by a basement team last week, a.k.a. Troi and his 2-5 Future Ex-Cons I would just skip ahead to the Week Nine battle between my 6-2 Purple Drank and nonames' 5-3 upstart squad.

But I need to give credit where it is due. Congrats Ex-Cons for being one of two teams to beat me so far this season. Unfortunately, all your win does is lead you to believe you have a shot at the playoffs. It is kinda like thinking a nerd can land the hot chick.

Yeah, that only happens in the movies, much like thinking a team that is 3-5 can make the playoffs.


So anyways, after my 1-1 trip through the basement in Weeks 7-8 it is the aforementioned battle between myself and nonames, a team that talks as much trash as I do. He might even talk more shit than Renal Failure does. No small feat, I might add.

And this weekend I get to silence the loose-lipped nonames. Am I concerned that he has Aaron Rodgers back in action? Do I think he can beat me?

Yeah, and I'm a robot.

And like many times in the past I am bringing out the secret weapons. In this go-around I am employing the sycophants of the Occupy Wall Street Movement to protest nonames' team in the hopes it will wither under the pressure.

And like always this can only mean one thing for nonames...

Bad news!


nonamedufus said...

You wait. Come Sunday it'll be a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a beautiful day in the neighbourhood and you will be mine, yes you will be mine.

LOBO said...

This is going to be quite a weekend -lots of topsy-turvy in the rankings (which doesn't bode well for me).

I remember Joe saying at some point winning eight weeks gets you in the playoffs. Was that specific to the year, or is that pretty universal? Despite the spanking I'm expecting in both leagues this week, I think I can do eight. But that's about it ...

renalfailure said...

Nonamedufus might talk more shit than me, but he didn't invent the phrase "throwing a bear into outer space."

I was 2-5 last year and not only made the playoffs but won the championship. Keep hope alive Troi!

It's not universal that 8 win gets you a playoff berth. I went 8-6 in the HBFFL's inaugural season and missed the playoffs. But no team has gotten in with less than 8 wins though so you can't get in without 8 wins, but 8 wins doesn't automatically punch your ticket to the playoffs.

Chris C said...

@Nonames: Wait? I'll be waiting for your team's feeble attempt at beating me.

I don't think I have ever seen a 7-7 team make the post-season in FF. There are not enough losses to go around above and below them to make the playoffs.