Sunday, November 13, 2011

Purple Drank Will Finnish the Unfinished

I've got an extra special secret weapon for The Unfinished One this week. And "Finnish" is not a typo. But more on that in a bit...

Nonames talked the talk and walked the walk, beating me last week 95-83. But you would have thought he won the championship by the way he enjoyed the victory:
"So the nonames slipped past Mr. Musta Drank the Purple Kool-Aid into third place and my nemesis PD - what? can't be - slipped to fourth."
Next thing you know nonames will be requesting Nickelback play the halftime show at the HBFFL Humor Bowl 2012.

(Side note: Kyle Oseph is available on the waiver wire.)

So this week I face Unfinished Person of Interest. Yeah he is 4-5 but none the less I have pulled out a secret weapon unlike any other I have used in the past...

That's right. I am sending the Finnish Inquisition to taunt Unfinished Whatever into submission. Frankly, I have no idea why they are in scuba gear. Finnish people are weird.

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Kenny Hilmen said...

These people i scuba gear are'nt Finnish....the exact location is Bergen, normally recognize a Finn very easely by their cheekbones, and their low sense of humor.