Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Morning QB: Where the North wins again

Last week I didn't play the race card after losing 102-90 to Static's Team Krapsody even though he is black or at least his avatar is, but the previous week I did play the misogynist card after winning 72-51 over Bex's Butterflies since Bex ostensibly is a woman or at least plays one online.

So by virtue of that logic, that means this week I can play the North vs. South card after winning 117-102 over Red Raider's Eunuchs since Red Raider claims to be from Mississippi, and so I will.

To wit:

  • Exhibit A: Five of my eight players, including my defense, this week were from teams from the North, meanwhile, only four of Red Raider's eight players, were from the South, meaning he was split half and half between North and South.
  • Exhibit B: Ten of the 16 players on his roster are from teams from the North. Twelve of the 16 players on my roster, meanwhile, are from teams from the South, and I'm thinking of kicking two of those no good Johnny Rebs back to the swamp.
Bottom line: I didn't, and obviously don't, doubt my northern roots whereas he did, and obviously does, doubt his southern roots.

Maybe in the future, Red Raider will learn to keep his head...

For next week's Tuesday Morning QB, I'll go back to being politically correct and not mock anyone based on ethnicity, gender or region as I face Bald Spots. I'm pretty confident I'll still be able to mock, though, as his stud running back, Adrian Peterson, will be on the bench. I just haven't picked the angle from which I'm going to mock yet.


LOBO said...

Man I hope somebody brings up the Danny Woodhead touchdown.

Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson -all you talentless hacks an pansies- step aside for the Woodhead Era.

renalfailure said...

Hey, I told you to play the North-South card, Rambler. A little credit where credit is due 'cause it's all I got after getting blown out by 70 points this week.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Danny who? ;)

Yes, RF, you did say I should play the North-South card and so I did. Hats off to you. :)

Chris C said...

I just want a Woodhead jersey. hehe.

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