Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dez Bryant No Longer Suppering Ankle Sprain

I think WFAA in Dallas created a new verb.

And now that Dez is fully healed he is available for errands or to babysit the kids.

With the exception of Sundays, a few Mondays, and Thanksgiving of course.

And for some reason that has nothing to do with Dez Bryant or the Dallas Cowboys there is something unexpected trending big-time on Yahoo:

That's right, the game between the Lions and the Bears is the talk of the internet today. Bigger than Tony Romo and Eminem.

(I still do not understand why someone would name themselves after candy but it seems to be working for the rapper.)

Sadly, reality gave a slap to the face in the trend results:

Everyone knows that lions can't beat bears. Duh.

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