Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cash-Strapped 2010 Preds Pressed to Barely Tolerate Additional Sponsors

Predator Press

"We will make coffee metal.
-We will make everything metal."

*footthingy: Soooooo jazzed we have another team manager that is a Metalocalypse fan, I wanted to add one for the Holidays.

And no, the Islameter isnt going off .... hell I don't think this guy is even Jewish.

So Merry Future Christmas HBFFL,

Haha! And fucks you.

*another 'footthingy.' like a sub-foot Thanksgiving/Christmas fungus you don't have to spray for:


renalfailure said...

We will make Fantasy Football metal! We already made it funny.

LOBO said...

I gotta find that quote ... OMG I almost forgot about it ...

LOBO said...

Thanx RF!


Chris C said...

I don't get why people like this cartoon.

But at least you guys aren't fans of "Xavier: Renegade Angel".

How the hell that one got on television is beyond me. There are not enough drugs on the planet to make that cartoon even remotely funny.

LOBO said...

I think I like Metalocalypse because I grew up in bands, and remember big-haired bimbos and that pretentious and pompous "oh, man ... we're gonna rock forever" crap.

-But Adult Swim has some goodies, and most of the shows have interchangable casts, writers and characters. I loved the first forty episodes or so of "Sealab 2021" until they killed off my fave character (Captain Murphy). A twelve-minute running time is also a major plus because of my short attention span.

Personally? I think Metalocalpyse is one of the best shows on television.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Hello? What's wrong with rocking forever, dude? I don't understand your point of view. :)