Friday, September 17, 2010

Sainz Goes Marching In, Flees Screaming

Predator Press


The more I think about this Ines Sainz thing, the more annoyed I get. It really illustrates the difference between “Journalists” and “Entertainers” nicely: "Journalists" don’t become The Story.

And stripped of the trappings of “Journalism,” I’m almost offended at her being offended. They didn’t sneak into her bedroom, build a locker room around it, and then stuff it with crude naked guys while she was sleeping.

Saintz went in under her own power.

-disguised as a "Journalist."

Now I, conversely, am a pulp schlock-slinging football fan … and I cannot imagine anything that would get me into a team locker room post-game. I don’t care if it’s the Superbowl, an Jesus played Mohamed.

Besides … Jesus would kick the crap out of Mohamed, and Mohamed gets cranky.


Bex said...

I love, love, LOVE the way your crystallized this down to the difference between a journalist and an entertainer. Perfectly stated!!

LOBO said...

I keep trying to write something about football strategy, and everything I’ve written makes me sound like a pompous ass.

-And as a pompous ass that has just discovered new, unexplored and untold rich deposits of pompous-assitite from which to mine, even I am not pompous-ass enough to deny that my pomousassity still has vast and Olympic-level potential.

Does any of us know Mel Gibson’s agent?

LOBO said...

Any one else curious about what the NBA has to say on the Sainz issue?


LOBO said...

I just saw this bit on The Daily Show -WTF?

LOBO said...

My bad ... It was recorded on the 13th ...