Saturday, September 25, 2010

But I Didn’t Exhale


Prompted by the recent Felix Jones Fire Sale and a baking criticism of NFL media accuracy, I’m going to revisit the 'Pre-Draft Rankings' issue for hopefully the last time in 2010. It‘s Week 3, and the flaws of the autodraft logic are starting to become increasingly visible on the teams that trustingly employed it. Besides … as most of you already know I like lecturing extensively on things I don‘t know anything about. It‘s good practice for when I run for Congress.

I didn’t have Felix Jones in my “Exclude” list, but I vaguely remember bumping him waaaaaay down in my rankings because he is virtually interchangeable with Marion Barber. I bumped them both in fact: as I learned from Seattle last year, teams that are “balanced” like that are a pain in the ass to second-guess at gametime. If you look at Seattle’s depth chart and cross your eyes, they will have changed their lineup entirely.

We know that a player that is fantastic in “real” life can be virtually worthless in fantasy football, right?  In theory, Yahoo operates off of the same media -or lack thereof- we do, and previous to Week 1 we had only incomplete preseason team performances, last year’s statistics, and wild speculation to work with.  2010 fantasy football scoring had no “frame of reference” yet; in fact at that point, Yahoo couldn’t devalue two fine running backs like MB and FJ properly.

Nonetheless, a simple intuitive call can be made with a little research.

No, I didn’t “score” either one of them. Let’s say I didn’t like the price of what was likely going to be a fifth round draft pick. I can live with that.

-And there’s Jones on the waiver wires already.

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LOBO said...

Yes. That's my advice to the 2011 HBFFL: mock draft, rank them pesonally, and then change your roster thiry or more times.

It's so much easier.