Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 Week One Fantasy MVP

There are a lot of the usual suspects on the MVP list for the opening week of the 2010 HBFFL fantasy football season. Ocho Cinco is a rare winner though...

QB: Peyton Manning 44
What the Canuck?

RB: Chris Johnson 31
Renal Failure

WR: Chad Ocho Cinco 26
Bald Spots

TE: Dallas Clark 14
Bourbon Blasters

K: Mason Crosby 10

Def: New England 17
Predator Press

(Points are based on the following system: Passing-1 pt/20 yds, 6 pt TD, 5 point 300+ yds; Receiving/Rushing- 1pt/10 yds, 6pt TD, 5 point bonus 100+ yds; 2Pt Conversion 2 pts; Sacks 1pt, Int/Fumb 2 pts; Def/ST TD 6 pts; Safety 2 pts; Block Kick 2 pts; FG 3 pts, 1 point bonus 50+ yds; PAT 1 pt)


Unfinished Rambler said...

I should have had the top guy, you know? Well, I should have, but I didn't play him in this league. :(

LOBO said...

Wait ... isn't Ocho-whatzis on my team?

-Did I at least get Phillip Rivers out of the deal maybe?

LOBO said...

It is a completely weird NFL debut score-wise. Cripes, we couldn't give Forte and Foster away last year.

Chris C said...

Mike Martz tends to use running backs as receivers which might explain Forte's production Sunday. But it was only one week. We need a bigger sample size.

None the less I think this is good news for anyone who drafted Forte at good value.