Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Thursday night games AND APYS

Welcome to Tuesday Morning Quarterback, where I take a look back at what I (and sometimes others) would have (could have/should have) done differently with my (their) fantasy football teams for that previous week's games.

I coulda been a contender...

...for this year's playoffs except for two things:
  1. Me ignoring the Thursday night rule.
  2. Chris ignoring the APYS (Always Play Your Stud) rule.
When you have a Thursday night game, make sure you get the wrong quarterback out of your lineup and the right one in.

For me, the wrong one:

I should have known not to play a dude with a lame-ass goatee.

And the right one:

original photo courtesy of Open Sports via Flickr, with a little adaptation by me

Nine points for Vincey Young vs. 22 points for Timmy Tebow. I coulda, woulda, shoulda won 83-81 over What The Canuck? Not lost 81-70 as I didda.

Now Chris' mistake wasn't as large a point mistake as mine, but it was just as crucial as it allowed Renal Failure, the self-proclaimed People's Defending Champion, to win 99-97 over Chris' Purple Drank squad and not help my playoff chances as a result. Chris played this guy:

Hell, I'd play the guy based on this photo.

Instead of this guy:

Atlanta Falcons Game
photo courtesy of The Suss-Man via Flickr
Dude is so quick. He's a blur.

LeGarrette Blount only scored one point to Michael Turner's four points, but as even a fifth grader can tell you, four is more than one and in this case would have given Chris the one-point victory over RF, 100-99. Plus you never sit your studs.

Not sure how to find a stud...or even your studfinder? How about this?

comic via xkcd.com

For next time, Chris.


nonamedufus said...

*sniff* Too bad UP. I hope this doesn't mean you've given up entirely. I need you to win this week!

Anonymous said...

I know, noname. I'm thinking if I really want to help you or RF. I'm really split. However, surprisingly ;), it might not be up to ME. It might be up to Michael Vick. We'll see who shows up this week.

LOBO said...

I hate to bring this up over here, but are you guys clocking what is going on in the "other" league?

-A four way tie for 1st place, and NOBODY had clinched a Finals spot. Crazy!

(O and BTW Godufus got wrong end of "Biggest Blowout" again.)

LOBO said...

(That's what Dufus gets for his poor taste in sci-fi, Commanders, and theme music.)

Anonymous said...

Wait, this "other" league: isn't that YOUR league, LOBO? I wonder who we have to blame for all the issues there ;).

nonamedufus said...

Frak Off LOBO!

Oh, and in that other league? I am the picture of consistency. I consistently suck.