Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Two Frakin' Points

Two points? Two points. That's all it took to see my playoff dreams slip quietly out of my hands. I did my part. In the last week of regular season play I scored the biggest blowout in the league against Multiple Scorgasms. But somewhere else in the league, someone else had other ideas. It seems Mr. Renal Failure didn't live up to his name but squeaked by Unfinished Person by two points to successfully claim the final 4th playoff spot. Damn you RF. Where does that leave my playoff hopes?


But, hey, it's been fun. For a neophyte team the nonames did okay. I enjoyed the season, going up against my competitors and teasing and trash talking here on the HBFFL Blog. So RF, congratulations. To the finalists, the best of luck.

And me?

So long from fantasy football island.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you could join us, Nonames. You made a valuable addition to the league and the blog. The only thing I regret (no really) about inviting you is that you took Aaron Rodgers from ME!!!! :) Well, for me :(.

renalfailure said...

Hey, there's still the consolation playoffs for teams 5th through 8th, nonames. You've still got two more weeks of trash-talking to go!

Chris C said...

otherwise known as the Loser Bowl. Perhaps we need a better name.

And win or lose this week you still play again in week 16 for either 5th or 7th depending on outcome this week.

Same with the two teams that lose in the playoffs this week. They play for 3rd.

Anthony said...

Your post reminds me of a game a couple of years ago. My fantasy team was tied with my competitor in the first round of the playoffs. My kicker was the only player on either team who was still playing. Late in the fourth quarter, the kicker lined up to boot an extra point. At that point, I was favored to win the game by about 98% (how many times does a kicker miss an extra point?). Unfortunately, he missed the extra point, thereby costing my team the game (missed extra points are minus 2 in this league). Argh...........

Chris C said...

To lose it all on a kicker. That is a tough one to bear Anthony.