Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are You Ready for some HBFFL Playoffs

Week Fourteen is in the books and the fantasy football playoffs are set for the HBFFL. And would you believe a defending champion has bucked the trend of not making the post season after winning it all the previous year?

At #1 we have my team Purple Drank, making my third appearance in the playoffs in four seasons. PD is the second highest scorer but has not avoided the injury bug plaguing so many fantasy football units in 2011. I've lost both of my quarterbacks Cutler and Schaub and now roll with Dalton and Fitzpatrick behind center. The WR position is a guessing game at this point but I've got some good choices.

Then there's Gronk. Game changer.

Lobo's Predator Press lands the #2 seed and their third straight playoff berth. His team is middle of the road in scoring and had the easiest regular season schedule. But he also has dangerous scoring potential in a one-game matchup with Stafford, Jones, Bush, and Foster. And with Jennings out his TE Finley could see more targets.

And he lost last season's Humor Bowl. And so far the loser one year has won it all the next. So Lobo has history on his side.

Joe's Bourbon Blasters gets the #3 seed, also qualifying for the playoffs three out of four seasons. Always watch out for a team that trades Foster for Andre Johnson and still ends up #1 in scoring and gets nine wins despite the fact they were #2 in Points Against.

Most dangerous playoff opponent, thy name is Bourbon Blasters.

Renal Failure has the #4 seed, and a third straight post season appearance, breaking the curse of a defending champion not making the playoffs. And you never want to write off a defending champion, especially one with a very hot Marshawn Lynch and huge possible potential out of Megatron and Chris Johnson.

RF is looking to be the first repeat champion. And he has a team that could do it.

Week One playoff matchups:

#1 Purple Drank vs #4 Renal Failure

#2 Predator Press vs #3 Bourbon Blasters

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