Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 in a Nut's Hell

Predator Press



nonamedufus said...

Frakin' genius!

LOBO said...

Haha .. TY sir! Was working on this for DAYS ... :)

LOBO said...

Chris has a "policy" against publishing HBFFL crap on our own blogs, et cetera.

But in this case -HBFFL whoring- I don't think he would mind us "sharing."

(Besides ... Chris is dumb.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris is the Commish, dude. Don't you forget it, pal. :P

I did share it on Facebook already.

You are a wild man...wish it could have gone better for you and me in both leagues, but Drew Brees wasn't allowing that happen. That bastard.