Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who's The Leader Of The Club That's Made For You And Me?

Who racked up 40 points in week 13 and put a spring in nonamedufus' step for the first time since the nonames went into a spiral of losses starting in week 10?

That's right, friends - and I use the term loosely - Aaron frakin' Rodgers! The Packers squeaked by the Giants to preserve their perfect no-loss season and in the process lifted your 2011 neophyte nonames into the hunt for playoff contention.

And we left follically- challenged Bald Spots pulling out any hair he has left with our 116-74 lop-sided, "biggest blowout" victory, despite the presence of his starting QB - some little known guy from New England.

Of course the nonames victory wasn't solely on the back of AFR. No. Jets RB Shonn Greene contributed 28 fantasy points. And even Giants WR Hakeem Nicks posted a respectable 20.

So in terms of football finalist wannabes with one week remaining Predator Press and Purple Drank have clinched playoff spots. Bourbon Blasters at 8-5-0 appears to be headed there. And the last playoff spot is up for grabs between the 7-5-1 2010 champion, blah, blah, blah, Renal Failure and what some are calling the upstart nonames with 7-6-0. But for nonames to grab the golden ring he has to win this week and Renal Failure will have to lose to Unfinished Person. Let's go UP!

And this week your nascent nonames take on the basement-dwelling Multiple Scorgasms (great team name. Performance, not so much.) We may just eke out a win. I'm gonna remain positive about it. The prophecy will be fulfilled. "What prophecy?" those who have read this much of this post may ask. Well, as I wandered the desert of desolation and despair during my three week decline and departure from the winning column, I never gave up. Nope, I just kept saying to myself...

Duh...see you in the playoffs.


LOBO said...

Neophyte, upstart, nascent, ...

Did Unfinnished Rambler loan you a thesaurus?

-The book borrowing factory must have really lowered its standards!


nonamedufus said...

I'm not sure what you mean there, LOBO. You see me and my newbie nonames are fledgeling freshmen in fantasy football.