Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fantasy Football Withdrawal

I've got it and I've got it bad.

The season ended last weekend for our league, and I've got the shakes. I need a fix.

During the season, a few of the guys here in the league, Chris, Joe, Renal Failure and Lobo, and I go to a chatroom over at Yahoo StatTracker and shoot the bull about the games.

This week, I decided for gits and shiggles to go and see what I could find.

This is what I found:

Yahoo Stattracker


But then I looked again. There was an important caveat at the bottom.

Yahoo Stattracker

Wait a minute. Let's click on that link.

I did and found this:

Yahoo GameChannel

While not a stat tracker, it does keep track of the games...and most importantly, down in that right-hand corner is...

Yahoo GameChannel

Now I'm just here waiting for the boys to come on over and join me...oh, wait, not how it sounds...

...and um...yeah, I know.

Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League Blog will be back in the upcoming weeks as a few of us here, including Chris, Renal Failure and I, will put up our predictions for the playoffs. Um, yeah, we know...

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