Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2: Welcome to Cybertron!

by 2010 HBFFL Champion Renal Failure

Who's that blasting holes through robots? It's the newest member of the Renal Failure roster, fools!

Over the past two seasons, Renal Failure has been known to pull off a major trade that gives them a boost into the championship game. This season, your People's Champion pulled off that trade way earlier than usual.

Renal Failure acquired Calvin "Megatron" Johnson from Canucklehead, along with RB Ryan Mathews in exchange for QB Mark Sanchez, RB Fred Jackson, and the New York Giants Defense. And Megatron paid immediate dividends with a 14-point day to help give Renal Failure a 109-88 victory over HBFFL newcomers Multiple Scorgasm.

Losing to Renal Failure is a painful experience, but it's like an HBFFL rite of passage...

Things weren't all tits and beer for your People's Champion. Brandon Lloyd was a last minute scratch in the 4pm game, and Chris Johnson is still working off the rust from his holdout. Hell, we even expected more than Kicker Billy Cundiff's decent 7 points because he's Billy Fucking Cundiff, that's why.

However, the things that were tits and beer were really nice. Tony Romo made a triumphant comeback after breaking a rib and possibly collapsing a lung to put up 32 big points at the QB slot, Jason Witten continues to steadily produce at the TE position, and LeSean McCoy has established himself as a major fantasy force with being the top scoring running back in the league after two weeks. Sure Fred Jackson is the second-leading scorer and we shipped him off to What the Canuck? but he was just going to waste those points on our bench behind CJohnson and Shady McCoy. Besides, he got us Megatron, and that will bring us some stability at the always volatile WR position.

Our Lady of Tight Denim Victory smiles on Renal Failure yet again...

Week Three sees another HBFFL newcomer Troi and his Future Ex-Cons step into the People's Arena to taste for themselves what every other team in the HBFFL has sampled: the fierce flavor of defeat by Renal Failure.

Note: Chris needs to trade us Stevie Johnson so Renal Failure can have a trio of Johnsons, which will lend itself to plenty of jokes in future posts.

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