Friday, September 9, 2011

Championships Go Better With Purple Drank

All I can say is you better hope you can handle the Purple Drank because it will eff you up if you are not prepared. Underestimate my squad and you will wake up on Tuesday mornings in a strange place missing your wallet. And you'll take another loss in the standings.

Let's look at my bomb roster (I'll spare you the round-by-round synopsis):

QB: Schaub, Cutler
RB: Rice, Turner, Blount, Starks, Sproles
WR: Wallace, Austin, Collie, Stevie Johnson, Evans, Sims-Walker
TE: Gronkowski
D: Atl
K: Henery

Most weeks this is what you will face when you play me this season:

QB: Schaub
RB: Rice
WR: Wallace
WR: Austin
Flex: Turner/Blount
TE: Gronk
D: Atl
K: Henery

This will be you...


nonamedufus said...

Did you drink the Kool-Aid?

LOBO said...

You took Cutler in a year we have negative points for interceptions?

You'll have to play into October of 2012 just to break even.

Chris C said...

No but anyone who thinks Purple Drank can't win it all is drinking the Kool Aid. :)

Cutler's only starting on week 11 and if Schaub goes down with injury. Your point is moot sir. :)

unfinishedperson said...

There are at least nine people in that photo that I can pick out (including some tops and sides of heads). So which one am I? ;)

LOBO said...

I'm thinking you are the guy in the center, back against the wall.

-Without a television or radio, he has learned to be perfectly content counting the hairs on his wrist.