Friday, September 30, 2011

Purple Drank Ready for Renal Failure

So far I have beaten Un-Ramblers, a team whose owner uses non-tv alternatives for catching live NFL games.

I have beaten Bald Spots with a crushing 154 fantasy points, brushing off his 38 from Brady and 34 from V Jax.

I beat What The Canuck? by 48 points initially until the fantasy football gods rained down another two yards for Ray Rice in stat corrections. It became a 49-point victory.

So here we are in week four and my 3-0 team faces the defending champion, 2-1 Renal Failure. It looks to be a battle of cracked ribs, Johnsons vs. a Johnson, and in a odd twist each team having their QB play against one of their top WR's on the real-life field.

Even the guy living in his mom's basement projecting fantasy points for Yahoo has called our game a close one.

But this is Purple Drank we are talking about here. My team manufactures points like a China sweat-house produces IPads. And we have a lot more fun. (They don't get 'Tussin breaks.)

It can only mean one thing for Renal Failure...

Bad news!


LOBO said...


nonamedufus said...

I see Unfinished Person had a few friends over to take in the game. Who knew the guy had friends when he has no TV.

Anonymous said...

For the one millionth time, I have a TV...

...I just don't have cable or satellite. I do listen to games on the radio (not smoke signals :)) and catch highlights almost immediately after they happen on

But still pretty funny stuff here.

Chris C said...

You cannot escape it Bryan. The no-tv meme has a life of its own.