Sunday, September 25, 2011

Multiple Scorgasms Spared as Preds Week 3 Lineup Killed by Falling Satellite

Predator Press


As I write this, Darwin McNuggets has scored 34 points against the Colts. This is the equivalent of Michael Vick throwing the Patriots, the Dolphins, and a bear into space, where Brady would proceed to throw the bear on a course to intercept Voyager and screw up a lot of Star Trek plotlines -minus Las Vegas and/or heroic doses of amyl nitrates, thick, visibly-zippered rubber costumes and Styrofoam geographical features tend to offend my evolved and highly-cultured sensibilities. So -since Gene Roddenberry is already dead- I've decided to preoccupy myself by interviewing internationally-renown golf legend Speedcat Hollydale instead:

LOBO: Speedcat, what is the strategy to win your next golf tounement?

Speedcat: I'm going to try to get the ball in the hole.

And there you have it.

-Back to football.

(PS: Does anyone know where George Lucas lives?)

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