Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 HBFFL Week One Fantasy MVPs

QB: T. Brady 46 points (517 passing yds, 4 Pass TD's, 1 40+yd TD, 1 INT, 5 pt 300+ yds)
Bald Spots

RB: L. McCoy 32 points (122 rush yds, 15 rec yds, 2 TD's, 1 40+yd TD, 5 pt 100+ yds)
Renal Failure

WR: W. Welker 35 points (160 yds, 2 TD's, 1 40+ yd TD, 5 pt 100+ yds)
Bourbon Blasters

TE: J. Witten 16 points (110 yds, 5 pt 100+ yds)
Renal Failure

(Points are based on the following system: Passing-1 pt/20 yds, 4 pt TD, 5 point 300+ yds, 40+ yd TD 2 pt; Receiving/Rushing- 1pt/10 yds, 6pt TD, 5 point bonus 100+ yds, 40+ yd TD 2 pt; 2Pt Conversion 2 pts)

1 comment:

LOBO said...

I would hate to have been in that Miami locker room wearing anything teal. Woof!

But keep in mind Vick (speaking of "woof") broke 50-something points last year. That is the equivalent of Vick throwing the Patriots, the Dolphins and a bear into space, where Brady would proceed to throw the bear on a course to intercept Voyager and screw up a lot of Star Trek plotlines.

(Am I the only one that had Gene Roddenberry on my 'Do Not Draft' list?)