Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning QB: Where I should be happy that I defeated Lobo but I'm not because I also lost to Lobo

I know the title of this post is like, "Whaaaa?"

But it's like this, here in the HBFFL, my team defeated Lobo's Predator Press team, 95-47, while in the FTWL (Lobo's upstart league), my team lost to Lobo's Al Dente Infernos team 89-73.

Why I lost over there came down to one simple fact:

I didn't have the balls to play Kyle Orton over Aaron ("Always Play Your Studs") Rodgers. Orton had 30 fantasy points; Rodgers, 8.

Why I won over here came down to one player who was able to kick the balls of the Cincinnati Bengals:

His name: Dan Carpenter. Kicker for the Miami Dolphins and he came up with a whopping 17 fantasy points as he went 5-for-5 on field goal attempts. Yes, Arian Foster and Frank Gore came through as usual, but without Carpenter's 17 points too, I wouldn't have been able to defeat Lobo -- at least once this week.

Thanks, Dan, for not making this week a complete loss.

Now on to next week, where I'll be playing Renal Failure without Gore and would have been playing him without Foster too if I had accepted a trade offer from him. G-U-L-L-I-B-L-E. Yep, I know how to spell it still, RF, and I'm not buying it.


renalfailure said...

Okay, but if Peyton Hillis has a better day than Arian Foster, you're going to have flashbacks to last season where we swapped SJax and Steve Slaton and you lost by exactly the amount of points you would have held on to SJax. Also, add in whatever Dwayne Bowe does vs. your soft receiving corps.

renalfailure said...

"would have if you had held on to SJax." I'm cutting back on words and clarity this election day.

Unfinished Rambler said...

Peyton Hillis might have a better day than Arian Foster, but I'd still rather keep Foster down the road. My soft receiving corps did all right last week...even though one of them, Breaston, was on the bench. I might eat crow next week, but at the end of the season, I don't think so.

However, in your defense, this was your best trade offer...even if ill-timed.

LOBO said...


It's LOBO -not "Lobo."


Unfinished Rambler said...

LOBO, Lobo, whatever, at least, I kicked your ass in one league. ;)