Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am to Blogging as Mike Mayock is to Football

Predator Press


Beaming a natural confidence and authority, there is still a sense of earnest urgency as I issue the unfiltered truth.

Pounding my fists on piles of pie charts, dizzying graphs and bottomless Excel spreadsheets, I draw little diagrams on chalkboards and television screens explaining in excruciating detail what you did wrong in crude Xs and Os.

And leaving as suddenly as I came, you will look at each other and wonder, “Who the hell was that guy?" and "What was he talking about?" and "Why is he at our wedding ... ?”


renalfailure said...

Damn right Bruce Campbell better be in your Top Ten... Army of Darkness is a classic.

LOBO said...

I even have my own play now. You've heard of the Shotgun and the Wildcat, right? Mine is the "Spazdork." You a) find out what Jay Cutler wants you to do, then b) do the exact opposite, and c) do that completely wrong.

-Jay Cutler is a shoe-in for at least two Emmys next year.