Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 9: Renal Failure vs. The Ramblers

by Renal Failure

This is what happens when you think you can take Renal Failure lightly...

The 3-5 People's Champions known as Renal Failure look to get back into the playoff race against the 6-2 Ramblers, and the People's chances are pretty good considering the number of players out on a bye week.

Chris Johnson and Brandon Lloyd are out on byes for Renal Failure, and Rambler is missing Frank Gore and Santana Moss. So now the game comes down to a question of position depth, and we believe the People's Champ through their tireless planning efforts has the Unfinished One beat there.

We declare Inez Sainz to be our Fantasy Football good luck charm, seeing how we won last week after putting this picture in our preview post vs. Bex.

Rambler's WR corps is suspect. Marques Colston is unreliable because of how many targets Drew Brees has in throwing the ball. Steve Breaston's success rests in the hands of Derek Andersen or Max Hall. Austin Collie might return this week after a thumb injury, but does Rambler really want to depend on a receiver with a bad thumb?

Rambler still has Arian Foster throwing bears into space, but with Frank Gore out he's hoping Thomas Jones can vulture some good numbers vs. Oakland when Jamaal Charles needs a breather. And Rambler's not going to get 22 points from his kicker again either.

We put our faith in Thick McRunFast.

The People replace Chris Johnson with the newly-acquired Peyton Hillis, who has been a damn machine for the Browns this season. And whereas the Ramblers are soft at WR, the People's Champion is deep, even with Brandon Lloyd on a bye. Hines Ward, Dwayne Bowe, and Tampa Bay's Mike Williams are genuine threats to put up big numbers, thus continuing Renal Failure's boldness campaign by starting three receivers.

Thus this week's matchup (projected by Yahoo to go 92-88 in Rambler's favor) is probably going to come down to the quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers has been struggling of late but he's got the hapless Cowboys this week. Tom Brady hasn't been setting the world on fire as of late either, but he's throwing the rock on the Browns.

Sure, this is Rambler's revenge game on Renal Failure from last season, but he won't get it this time around. The People's Champ has too much to play for, and the league just wouldn't be as interesting without Renal Failure contending for a playoff spot. It's a fact. So everyone stand aside while Renal Failure runs the table.

You want Renal Failure on that wall! You need Renal Failure on that wall!

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Unfinished Rambler said...

I just brought in Patrick Crayton at wide receiver. Scared? You better be. I know I am. ;)